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The STCAA Web Site
Welcome to the Shung Tak Catholic English College Alumni Association Web Site. This web site, established in May 1999, serves to enhance communication among Shungtakians and to broadcast STC/STCAA related news.
Pages about STCAA Overseas Divisions have been set up so that alumni can post their information and announce their activities there. In addition, discussion forum has also been set up for our alumni to chat with each other over the world.
The web site is a place for all our Shungtakians to excise our sense of belongings. We are confident that it will hold all Shungtakians tightly together even though we may not be actually in the same place. Please don't hesitate to send your comments and suggestions to [ stcalumniasso@gmail.com ]. Your advice will help us a lot in enhancing the web site for all of us.

Administrators of this web site
The STCAA Web Site Management Sub-committee was formed in March 1999 by AA committee members who are enthusiasts in alumni networking. In order to enhance the alumni network and to improve the quality of the web site, We, administrators require your support. Please feel free to send your comments and suggestions to us.

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