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Membership Registration

As at 30 October 2012, we have >600 members. With this web site, we hope to reach out to Shungtakians who are not yet registered as members. We need your support to the Alumni Association and our mother school. We want to develop a network of Shungtakians to help each other and our mother school. Your registration is the first step to show our unity and sense of belonging.

Categories of Membership

  • Ordinary Member
  • Associate Member
  • Student Member
  • Life Member

Eligibility for membership

  • A Form 5 graduate, a student who has completed the Form 6 class, or a person who has completed one academic year of study and left the College shall be eligible for Ordinary Membership.
  • A member of the teaching staff of the College shall be eligible to apply for Associate Membership.
  • A student who has completed Form 1 class shall be eligible to apply for Student Membership.
  • A person upon whom the Association has conferred the privilege of Membership as a mark of honour or respect shall be eligible to take up Honorary Membership.
  • A person invited by the Executive Committee to become a Member of the Association shall be eligible to take up Subscribing Membership.
  • A person who is eligible to apply for Ordinary Membership and wishes to pay an one-off subscription fee equivalent to ten years' annual subscription fee prevailing that time, shall be eligible to apply for Life Membership instead.

Admission and Retirement of Membership

  • Membership shall only become effective upon registration with the Secretary of the Association, which action shall be construed as admission to Membership.
  • The power of admitting Members other than Ordinary Members shall be vested in the Executive Committee under such rules and conditions as the Association shall from time to time determine.
  • Every Member shall pay the subscription appropriate to His category of Membership under such arrangements as the Executive Committee shall from time to time determine.
  • A Member may at any time resign His Membership by notice in writing to the Secretary and the resignation shall take immediate effect.
  • Membership of the Association shall be lost in any of the following circumstances:
    • by resignation in writing of the Member;
    • by expulsion of, the Member in accordance with the provisions of Article (f) hereof;
    • by failure of the Member to pay any subscription or other dues incurred as a result of Membership more than three months after the subscription or other dues have become payable. The Membership shall be reinstated if any outstanding subscriptions and other dues are settled.
    • Any Member who willfully refuses or neglects to comply with any of the provisions of the Memorandum of Association or the Articles of Association or contrary to the interests of the Association shall render Himself liable to expulsion from Membership of the Association.
    • For the purpose of deciding upon the expulsion of a Member, a special meeting comprising at least 8 Members or two-thirds of the Members of the Executive Committee (whichever is the lower) shall be convened, and a resolution shall only be passed with a majority of at least three-fourths of the Members of the Executive Committee present and voting at the meeting. The Member in question shall be given at least 7 days notice in writing of the meeting and shall be entitled to attend the same and make written or oral representation of His case, but shall not be entitled to vote thereat. If the meeting shall pass a resolution to expel a Member, He shall have the right to appeal to the Association at a General Meeting within 7 days of the date of the notice to expel Him.
  • No person ceasing to be a Member of the Association shall have any right or claim upon the Association or its property and funds.


The amounts of the subscriptions to be levied on the various categories of Membership shall be as determined from time to time by the Members of the Executive Committee. Unless and until the Executive Committee shall otherwise determine, the subscriptions payable shall be as follows:

Categories of Membership (HK$ per annum)

  • Ordinary Member HK$100
  • Associate Member HK$100
  • Student Member HK$30
  • Life Member HK$1000

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