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The Alumni Association offers scholarships to deserving students of our Alma Mater.

校 友 會 獎 學 金
中 七 文 科 中 七 理 科
學 生 姓 名 名 次 學 生 姓 名 名 次
蕭 兆 華 第 一 盧 家 業 第 一
許 麗 第 二 黃 文 祥 第 二
吳 幼 美 第 三 林 慧 君 第 三

The Alumni Association would donate/organise/sponsor various activities or courses for students for their well-being and career development.

School improvement Program Fund RaisingMeeting Handover of SIP Donation by Mr. Wong Kwong Wing Edward, Solicitor, School Manager, Honourary President of STCAA, Graduate of 1966 Handover of SIP Donation by Ms. Tang Kuen Mui Kitty, Graduate of 1964
The Marian Shrine made possible with the help of Mr. Leung Chiu Lam Paul and friends (Graduates of 1977 & 78) Mr. Wong Tak Shun Nelson, graduate of 1995, present the scholarship to Ms. Kan Man Chi Amanda Dancing Class sponsored by STCAA
English Debating Course sponsored by Dr. Li Po Shan John, Graduate of 1974 Prefects' Training Camp 2005 sponsored by STCAA  

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